Naïf Relaxing Bath Foam

€ 13,95


Kids love bathing. It contributes to a soothing evening ritual and provides a moment to unwind. It should be a moment free of harsh ingredients and chemical foaming agents such as SLS and SLS. However, bubbles can't be missed! The Relaxing Bath Foam creates subtle bubbles and at the same time nourishes the skin with cotton seed extract. The Bath Foam is suitable for dry skin or skin with eczema. Taking a bath just got even more fun!

- Natural ingredients
- Cleans and moisturizes with natural ingredients
- No chemical foaming agents, such as SLS/SLES
- In sustainable packaging, made of sugar cane
- Developed and produced in the Netherlands
- For all skin types, also extremely dry skin and eczema
- 100% vegan and ocean-friendly