Naïf Plastic Free Baby Wipes 3-pack

€ 13,99


Did you know that a standard pack of baby wipes equals the amount of plastic in 2 PET bottles? These often end up in nature and you know plastic doesn't belong in nature. That's why Naïf's Baby Wipes are plastic-free and made of eucalyptus fibers. Biodegradable, so it's a sustainable alternative. We've also thought about the packaging, which is made of sugar cane as the main ingredient. And the box is made of FSC cardboard.

In order to take the best possible care of sensitive baby skin, the lotion consists of 99% water and is alcohol-free and perfume-free. The baby wipes don't contain any harsh ingredients, so you can safely use them for anything. Good to use for the bums, body, and cheeks.

A multipack contains 8 packs with 54 baby wipes each.

- Natural ingredients
- Without parabens
- Made of eucalyptus fibers
- With a lotion made of 99% water
- Alcohol-free and perfume-free
- In sustainable packaging, made of sugar cane
- Developed and produced in the Netherlands
- For all skin types
- 100% vegan and ocean-friendly